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For over 30 years, this course has been the only non-franchised CPA prep course in Metro-Detroit.  It is the only one to feature 100% live lecture by professional educators.  We have helped thousands of CPA candidates successfully complete the Exam with our high-impact, efficient, and thorough live instruction.

Other franchised courses use videotaped “lectures,” online “classes” and CDs as a method of “instruction.”  Our course philosophy is that, for most students, live lecture combined with self-study is the way to truly learn the material and pass the Exam.  The apparent “high-tech” methods of the franchised courses allow for selling their course on a national level, but those methods are not the best learning methods for you, the CPA candidate.

Your CPA Strategy

One word of caution is a result of the “18-month rule.” Try to take at least two sections in the first “window” you attempt the exam; or, at least, begin preparation for a second section before your results from the first section arrive. Students who do not begin preparation for a second section soon risk the pressure of completing three sections in a 15-month time period. This can prove to be a difficult task, especially if it includes two CPA “busy seasons.”

Course Highlights

  • All live lecture!

  • All instructors are dedicated educators committed to preparing CPA candidates.

  • Over 120 hours of classroom time.

  • Sections staggered throughout the year.

  • Repeat Policy: 50% off the standard tuition.