After 35 successful years guiding thousands of CPA Exam candidates, Professor Berschback has decided to close operations of the Metro-Detroit CPA Review Course, effective this September. The BEC segment of the course will be offered this September, as scheduled. The REG segment, scheduled for October, will be cancelled. Review course students who have attended two segments of the course will be able to take the BEC segment at no additional charge.

Many factors were involved in this decision and its timing; Professor Berschback apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation.

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For over 30 years, this course has been the only non-franchised CPA prep course in Metro-Detroit.  It is the only one to feature 100% live lecture by professional educators.  We have helped thousands of CPA candidates successfully complete the Exam with our high-impact, efficient, and thorough live instruction.

Other franchised courses use videotaped “lectures,” online “classes” and CDs as a method of “instruction.”  Our course philosophy is that, for most students, live lecture combined with self-study is the way to truly learn the material and pass the Exam.  The apparent “high-tech” methods of the franchised courses allow for selling their course on a national level, but those methods are not the best learning methods for you, the CPA candidate.

Your CPA Strategy

One word of caution is a result of the “18-month rule.” Try to take at least two sections in the first “window” you attempt the exam; or, at least, begin preparation for a second section before your results from the first section arrive. Students who do not begin preparation for a second section soon risk the pressure of completing three sections in a 15-month time period. This can prove to be a difficult task, especially if it includes two CPA “busy seasons.”

Course Highlights

  • All live lecture!

  • All instructors are dedicated educators committed to preparing CPA candidates.

  • Over 120 hours of classroom time.

  • Sections staggered throughout the year.

  • Repeat Policy: 50% off the standard tuition.